Public Accountability Is Coming

Fate is here…

I have decided it is time, using public resources available to all, along with some simple and humble arithmetic, to bring some additional transparency to the finances of Elevation Church.  Namely, through some educated guess work, the purpose of this blog will be to show what some of the major players at Elevation Church get paid.  But before I talk about anybody else, I’m going to examine the finances of Steven Furtick first and foremost of all.

This blog will become entirely unnecessary should Elevation Church publish the total annual compensation package of one Larry Steven Furtick.

One thought on “Public Accountability Is Coming

  1. No doubt you are probably an atheist. You must have spent hundreds, if not thousands of dollars and man hours trying to smear a mans reputation. You wanna dig into the man’s financial records for some reason… here is the real story. He was advanced money from a publisher to submit his book. Publishers do this all the time. (just so you know. ) anyone could dig into every nook and cranny of your past…..but its not worth the effort!!!! Go dig i to Obamas past… He is fro. kenya…..born and raised!


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