Steven Furtick’s First House

Steven Furtick's First Home

Steven Furtick’s First Home

Elevation Church held it’s first service in February 2006.  According to public records, prior to the first service, pastor Steven Furtick had already purchased a home in a Charlotte suburb known as Matthews, in September 2005 for $190,000.

The property address is 2703 Ballade Drive.    Per public records, the property is a 2 story home, with 2,662 total square feet (2,121 heated), and sits on roughly half an acre of land.  According to Zillow, the property has 4 beds and 2.5 baths.

The home was purchased by “Larry” Steven Furtick and his wife Holly by taking out a 30-year mortgage for $151,548.  Since the home was purchased for $190,000, that means they had $38,452 in cash that they put as a down payment on the home.

It should also be noted that the record shows that in October 2007, pastor Steven and Holly Furtick secured a Home-Equity Line Of Credit (HELOC) for $58,000, payable over 30 years, on this property.

In August 2012, Steven and Holly Furtick sold the home for a $21,000 loss, at $169,000.

Public Documentation:

It is fair to say, this home is a pretty standard “middle class” home in the greater Charlotte, NC area… for two accomplished young professionals.  However, it’s a pretty large home for somebody to own in this part of town who is a newly minted seminary graduate that just moved to town to plant a church.  It begs the question… where did the money come from to qualify for this mortgage?  Who gave the Furtick’s the money for such a large down payment on this home?  And how did they qualify for this mortgage, with no real job history?

5 thoughts on “Steven Furtick’s First House

  1. I get it, you don’t lime the guy or what he does but you also lose followers when you step over the line. He’s made it clear that he makes crazy money with books and guest appearances. He explained his financial setup in 2005 / 2006 and the financial support he got from outsiders.

    I agree with you on some things, but in posts like these you sound like a mentally ill conspiracy theorist. Next you’ll talk about how his breakfast is to rich in vitamins.


    • If he has explained where he got all the money to buy the house, I welcome such insight. I can’t claim to know anything beyond what I’ve heard him personally speak. I have been listening to him speak for a couple years now, so I don’t claim to know the full story.

      I know from listening to him that about a year or so before the church was planted, the core 8 families were tithing their income to go towards the church plant. And such could explain the large down payment he put down. But it still raises an interesting point as to how he qualified for the mortgage. Granted, 2005 was a pretty loose time in the banking world, and they were handing out loans like candy. But you still had to show you had a job, and tell somebody how much you made per year. And from what I’ve heard, he wasn’t initially being paid as the pastor of the church.

      If somebody has more insight, please share. I don’t want conspiracy theories. I just want transparency.


  2. It shouldnt matter where or how he got the money for his house or even how he was able to get a mortgage none of that is important what is important that he preaches and teaches us the word of god and his word that is coming from god is so powerful and is such a blessing so some of you guys need to stop and ask yourself whats important here how this man that god has called on to preach his word or how he got money for a mortgage and down payment for a house. Sounds to me that some of yall are jealous because he has a nice home but that goes to show you all how powerful our god is and how he blesses us with beautiful things in life. So why dont we worry less on his financial situation and worry more on how god is working through this man to teach all of us gods work. AMEN


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