In this day and age, it is necessary to hold large and powerful organizations accountable.  The church of Jesus Christ is no exception to this rule.  With this in mind, the purpose of this blog is to hold Elevation Church and Pastor Steven Furtick financially accountable.  Due to the lack of financial transparency in the church, in spite of an annual finance report, I feel it is necessary to publish this blog to raise awareness to how the most influential preacher in the greater Charlotte, NC area spends his money.  Partially, because those of us who contribute financially to this church, and are volunteers at this church, deserve to know exactly where our money is going and how it is being spent. Thankfully, award winning journalist such as Stewart Watson of the local NBC affiliate started to expose the finances behind Elevation Church and Steven Furtick.

However, I feel his job, while an awesome start, was inadequate, and only looked at the surface of what was going on.  He didn’t dig deeply enough. The purpose of this blog is to dig deeper.  And utilizing the public record, I will dig deeper into the personal finances of Steven Furtick and Elevation Church.  This will require some educated guess work, but it will definitely be an educated guess.  As much as possible, I will avoid wild speculation.  Whenever possible, I will use math and deductive reasoning to backup what I have to say.

The author of this blog chooses to remain anonymous.  Seeing how individuals like professor James Duncan of Anderson, SC received some “unfortunate attention” for being somebody who blew the whistle on Newspring Church pastor Perry Noble, I have decided for the protection of myself and others, to remain anonymous.  It’s not that I am a coward.  Far from it.  I just don’t have time for the melodramatic games of insecure people like the one’s that harrased professor Duncan and his family.

Besides… this blog isn’t about me.  I’m not a public figure.  Pastor Steven Furtick of Elevation Church, and the pastors on staff at the church… they are the public figures.  And being supported by charitable contributions of tens of thousands of people, these people deserve to have a more exact accounting of those that they support.  They should welcome such accountability.  I write this blog, not as an enemy, but merely as a friend doing the Lord’s work.

7 thoughts on “About

  1. Why are you spending so much time on trying to make someone look bad? Why don’t you spend that time on working on your own imperfections? I am sure your not perfect. Take the beam out of your own eye so you can help someone with the speck in their eye. It always makes someone looks so small in others eye when that someone tries to point out or fabricate what someone else is trying to do. It reminds me of the naysayers in the bible who accused YASHUAH of casting out devil’s with the power of satan, healing and doing everything he did in that power. How ridiculous and totally wrong. Why don’t you let GOD decide what Stephen Furtick is about,. Were not the judge, to his own master he will stand or fall. STOP picking this man apart and what he is doing. A house decided against itself cannot stand. Instead pray for his ministries and stop being envious and judgemental. You will be a much happier person and a better example of a believer


  2. I do not doubt; that Steven Furtick has done much good; the greater question; is whether he has done it in the manner; that God himself would do? I do remember in the bible; God says we can judge; but to make sure that we judge wisely; for with what measure we judge others; we also will be judged.
    It is not difficult to look at a person’s actions, to decide if such actions are those that God himself would do. Yes, we all are imperfect.
    I am simply glad; that my wealth; has not been created by speaking God’s word.
    For Christ himself; asked for nothing and yet gave everything.
    That is far; from what rich church leaders are doing.


    • Christ also lived in a time without airplanes, WiFi, Target, and track homes. I love how people completely overlook the contrasts of each of these ages and yet assign it as part of Christ’s character when, actually it is simply due to ‘lack’. Do you seriously think Jesus would walk in sandals from city to city during our times? I’m left to wonder if part of God’s plan was to rollout His plan for redemption during an age when daily life wasn’t laced with what could easily be seen as miraculous luxuries to them yet commonplace to us; to spare the conversation not loose focus as it does so now.
      “Jesus didn’t do that” No, Jesus didn’t HAVE that – none of them did. It didn’t exist.


  3. It’s very interesting how some, like the website, perhaps, takes so much time to judge, under open scruteny, the actions of another church, another family, another minister. If I were part of Elevation or part of the inner circle of this pastor’s life, I could see the need for more information. However, the general public, most of whom do not serve with Elevation, do not give to Elevation, do not take part in worship with Elevation and don’t even live in the same part of the country, in many cases, just are NOT entitled to information. I mean, ask about their discipleship process, the answered prayers, the impact on business people and prisoners. Ask about Steven’s kids and wife and pray for them. Ask about what he preaches and puts online. But, to focus on his personal finances and to make it a public point of contention is devisive and amature. Maybe jealousy has captured the hearts of those advicating for more transparancy on Steven’s persona income. Maybe he got a huge deal on the house. Maybe someone gave it to him. Maybe he makes money from preaching at conferences and writing books. Maybe a family member left him some money. Maybe he won money in a law suit. You never know what is really going on and your speculation seems to be creating text book levels of gossip. Gossip is talking about the private affairs of another, that is text book. Sounds like Sounds like Proverbs 20:19 is a good word for those who want to stop their day of Going and Making Disciples like the Word of God commissions us to, to gossip about what might be true in another persons life. Disappoint. Waste.


  4. just saw him on TV for the first time and I AM NOT IMPRESSED…. long section of his sermon about standards and tithing… usual mega-church rhetoric


  5. You haven’t mentioned that he also co writes most of the songs from Elevation Worship and the publishing from those songs is very lucrative and when their songs are played worldwide you can make a very comfortable living


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